Come on Wally, show your face......

OK my friends, I was not really prepared to do this now being in the greatest pain I have ever been in at one time in my life. After getting several hundred emails from you with so many questions and then having one of these idiots infiltrate my Face-Book page I decided as long as my “typing finger” could “stand” on its own I will to the best of my ability put some of this out now. Keep this link as I will update names as soon as I get them.
Following through with what is true to my nature and one of the simple rules I live by if you throw punches at me you have two choices, duck or bleed. One of the things that will start me burning like hells fire is to see a person take advantage of another, but when you do it in the name of a very basic need or instinct such as survival; you become my personal enemy for life. For the past several years there has been a movement in America with a group of people known as “preppers”. As in any group you have your beginners to extremists, good people and bad but out of all of the fine people I have met I believe the majority are good people who would do everything they can to help you. That being said if you are a shiftless and lazy cheapskate expecting everyone to care for you with the fruits of their labor should a crisis come to pass you will not find the atmosphere very friendly and rightfully so.
This movement has become so large and respectable National Geographic has given the preppers their own channel and you will find people showing you how to do everything from food storage to building solar products, wood-gas vehicles, etc that can really be useful as well as saving you huge amounts of money. I must state as I always will I do not believe the world is going to end in 2012, but I believe all people should be able to be self sufficient and able to get through any small crisis such as storms, loss of power, etc. In addition I do believe is that our out-of control government spending will take us to a new place we haven’t been in this great country ever. I have done years of research and there is so much information available to us that should be taken advantage of, skills once held dear by our forefathers lost to us by the laziness that is convenience. We should be able to grow our own food, and have enough stored should that emergency ever rear its ugly head. Today we even have the ability to heat our homes and generate power if we so choose by the power of the sun and wind, even if you have never done this before I promise you will be able to do these simple things.
With all of this good information and great people you will encounter the scam artists, and along with all of the wickedness their dark minds can bring you. These scammers will hit you using scare tactics like “If you really care for your family” or “unless you want to see your loved ones get sick due to your lack of action” they try to “guilt” you into buying their bucket of worthless information. As I told you in my previous column I purchased many of these “top secret” survival plans and went through them thoroughly. Every single one of these plans made the same money back guarantee and this is why they will state what they do is not a scam, but in my opinion when you take money from a person and give them in return bogus information or information that is readily available free to the public you are still a scam artist. Not everyone will catch it until others like me who either know better or who have done the research speak out, so these “guys” will skate off with the hard earned money of so many unsuspecting people.
Now for the names, let us start with the first guy and his boat load of “helpful” information. Damian Campbell is the name that is being used and I don’t know if this guy is even real but here is the last e-mail I received from him showing some of the fear mongering scare tactics you will find on his links:
What are you going to do on December 21, 2012?
Do you have a 2012 Survival Plan?
We are all aware of the date and not only wondering
what will happen, but how to survive.
>>> 2012 Survival Plan <<>> 2012 Survival Plan <<<
Prepare Now,
Survive Later!
~ Damian Campbell
P.S. I know this information is vital… so here is the link one more time…

“Mr. Campbell” has many links that I will share with you and even had the gall to post a “webinar” where another person claimed to have written one of “Damian’s” books. Here are more links to the foolishness that is running rampant on the web starting with the first one I saw from “Damian”:

My rough list of people or groups to be wary of especially since some of them carry the title “christian”:

Damian Campbell-Absolute Rights 2012 Survival Plan, 2012 Survival Guide, I first found him connected with a Glen Beck video as I was completing a report on the economy
Joshua Marks-Absolute Rights
Tim Larkin-Absolute Rights
Carl Sheppard-Absolute Rights

Jason Richards-Absolute Rights (The Perfect Survival Plan-This clown will teach you to develop a “6th sense” and become a “human threat detector” ) Really Jason? Just like all of your listed friends I think someone is delusional……..

Wallace Streete-Absolute Rights- ( Why won’t you show your face Wally?? But he will teach you how to kill with your bare hands in his little book)
Paul Kruger-Absolute Rights

Joseph Little-Absolute Rights

William Rapp-Absolute Rights

Frank Bates ( Mr. I will show you how to get off the grid, fellow patriot…..) All of his must know info you can find on line for free

Power4Patriots- One in the same with Frank Bates- Find his links on THE GLEN BECK TV PAGE

John Russell-Power4Home This sounds like Power4Patriots revamped after my bad press on them, I have these “boys” on the RUN!!!

David Morris (Survive In Place)
Porter Stansberry (convicted of fraud)
Absolute Rights (They are linked to and promote almost everyone listed above)
A lot of these products “Damian” has to offer are coming out of this place and I will state I do not know their connection beyond that:
Online Support Solutions, LLC
C/O 2012-Survival-Guide
3879 E. 120th Avenue
Suite 323
Thornton, CO 80233
Registered Agent: James Yarbrough
Registered Agent Street Address: 1685 s colorado blvd, ste s-104, Denver, CO 80222, United States
Registered Agent Mailing Address: 1685 s colorado blvd, ste s-104, Denver, CO 80222, United States
Principal Street Address: 3879 E. 120th Ave., ste 323, thornton, CO 80233, CO, United States

More Damian Claims:

Researchers at the world-renowned Harvard

University have confirmed…
There’s been a medical breakthrough to slow down aging.
So why isn’t everyone talking about it?
Because it’s not popular. And a lot of people don’t
like hearing this.
That’s why I knew you’d want the TRUTH.
For a sneak peek, watch this video:
 Really Damian? Can we say delusional? What a guy and look at all of “his secrets”…….

Jeff Anderson President ISCQC

This guy has the site that is going to teach you “tactical self-defense” on line with “exclusive top secret videos for members only” WOW REALLY??? That’s funny, my Sensei would completely disagree with that as do I. If you could learn this from a book or a video everyone would know it.


Here is the plain simple truth, there is not one “expert” that can create a survival or self defense plan for you or your family that will help you “Survive Anything”. Being prepared for any disaster or emergency is a common sense thing. Do you live in an area where there are Tornados? What should you be prepared for? Do you live in cold weather climate? What kind of gear should you have in your emergency pack? Understanding the basics is the best place to start and once I am back on my game again I will be posting some helpful videos and links that are as usual, FREE. What I have shown you here today is the tip of “The Iceberg of Evil” in my opinion when it comes to the on line “Survival Scams”. Trust no one who charges you for “top secret” or “must know” information you even if you get a full refund, and research all things for yourself. Good information is a powerful tool; practice makes perfect so fine tune your skills always being sure of how you will react in a given situation when you need to. If something concerns you prepare for it, learn to conquer it as best you can but always prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. For me it is back to recovery, and for all of you scammers out there don’t make me get up and chase your scamming, lying cheating tail off the planet because you know I will. And for all of you keep checking back here as I will keep updating this post with more names and websites!!!
Always enjoy the vast treasure we have before us, but do it responsibly and cautiously and with all due respect to the kings of the forests that live there. Remember to be safe, always pack the right gear and never ever go into their domain unprepared, not even for a minute. Until the next time if you ever come across a trail jumping flesh-eating creek-vaulting gun-toting knife wielding stick swinging Metal Chef-ing banjo pickin’ guitar playin’ owner of a face you’ll never forget and one only his mother could love scarier than your mama could ever warn you about spooky dude who might just cook and eat you, NEVER, EVER, use the term bushwhacking in his un-holy presence……..This is THE GREAT WHITE.