Lola Black Cd Release

Lola Black tore the stage up Friday Jan 20,2012 at The Gothic Theater, well maybe I should say she built it up. I always enjoy seeing bands that give that little extra effort to keep the fans entertained. Bringing in scaffolding to rise the drummer and the keyboardist way above the crowd is an excellent idea to boost any stage presence. The traditional ‘jail house rock’ theme with cops and prisoner outfits never seems to get boring with this band.

Lola’s pure connection, knowledge and understanding of what the crowds of fans really want could be the secret to her success. Pure in your face talent exploding with an ear blast of drums pounding and ripping guitars. As the orange jumpsuits flash across the stage and the crowds of people with arms up waving to the music, this is what Denver Local music is all about.

If you haven’t got a chance to make it to a Lola Black concert I suggest  you get your ass down to one, so she can kick it.

In case you did not know you can click the photos to enlarge them !

The Gothic Theater

Lola Black Music  –  Facebook

Nathan Maxwell & The Original Bunny Gang

Warner Drive

Calibrate Me

Surviving April

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