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Every kid dreams of being on the cover of a magazine. Whether its Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, or Playboy, having your picture grace the front of a well respected publication is one of the defining signals of success. On Saturday, February 19, six of Denver’s top acts battled it out for their shot at the cover of Colorado Music Buzz magazine, as well as a nice cash prize to top it off.
The crowd showed up in droves, anxious to get down to the beats of Young Jay and Fame and listen to the epic voice of Lost Point’s Tyler Hill bounce of the high walls of the Summit Music Hall in downtown Denver.
Bobby got it right (in the above article). This show was huge for a local event. The interesting thing about contest shows is that the crowd usually seems to “rotate” after each band (a group’s fans stand up front only while they are playing), and while that was definitely happening at the Summit Music Hall on this mild Saturday evening, February 19, the support shown for each act was tremendous. People were not just there to watch their friends’ band and then leave. They were there to support six of Denver’s strongest up and coming acts as they continue their road towards the national spotlight.
I have been hearing about James & The Devil for a few years now, they performed at Durango Mountain Resort back when I was working there, but this was the first chance I had had to actually see them play. I was immediately blown away, their blend of mile high rocking with the violin thrown in put a smile on my face from the first song.
These guys are the ultimate Colorado band. Their sound is perfect for knocking back a few beers after a long day on the slopes or to bring your girlfriend out dancing downtown after a Rockies game in the summer time. They also have that sound that one might expect to hear while passing the afternoon by at a microbrewery. Rather than classify them in just one genre, they should just be called “Colorado style rock.”
By the time they took the stage this particular evening, the eclectic crowd of the Summit Music Hall was already on the dance floor, already buzzed from an evening of great music mixed in with a few PBR tall boys.
The performance that led them to be crowned Denver’s Best Band was one to be remembered. Throughout the night we had already witnessed everything from the slashing, head banging metal of Ndaaz to the linguistic talents of Young Jay and Fame, but J & the D changed the tempo of the show once again with their fast paced, folksy rocknroll. The smiles on the faces of the crowd were only half the size of those on the band member’s faces at the end of their performance, they knew as well as anyone that they had just killed it in front of a big crowd.
In addition to the great performance by J & the D, and also by Lost Point as Bobby mentioned in the article above, Regret Night held their ground well, standing out as a band that perfectly represents the alternative/post-punk music of today. A bit hard yet very danceable, their performance early in the evening really got the crowd worked up and louder cheers were not heard the rest of the night. The synthesized aspect that they mix in with the usual instruments separated their sound from the rest of the acts in a positively noticeable way.
Ndaaz, while a very peculiar name, is a band that has been creating a buzz around town the last several months. Playing strong, well-rehearsed heavy metal, this quartet’s fans showed up ready head bang. Another band that I had not previously seen, I was skeptical that they would be “just another metal band.” However, I will admit that I was wrong and I was as into it as anyone else. Front man Deno stormed around the stage as he sang, leading the crowd through a set of metal anthems that left me wondering where their next show is. They had the walls of the Summit Music Hall pounding throughout their entire set, with an eccentric stage presence that almost cleared out the bar, including heavy drinkers like myself, as we all stepped up to check out some of Denver’s best metal.
Young Jay and Fame provided the hip hop for the night. They had the full crew on stage, and put on a great performance while showing respect to the other acts. Places performed in the middle of the lineup, providing some well-appreciated easier rock to a swarm of loyal fans.
After the winner was announced, the bar closed, and Denver’s music fans headed either home or down the street for another drink, I looked back at my notes and realized that I had just witnessed six bands that I had never seen before rock the house, each one crossing genre lines and tickling the ears of the crowd in a different way. In the end, this was yet another night of epic proportions, continuing to prove without a doubt that Colorado has an amazing music scene no matter what mood you are feeling or style you are after.


Written by Tim Wenger


Even though the rain put a twist on my travels from the Rachel James performance at The Fillmore to the Summit Music Hall it was worth it! Colorado Music Buzz threw the concert of concerts this month. The Best Band In Denver finals was one of biggest local events I have attended in awhile. Colorado Music Buzz is definitely making surfing size waves in the local  music community.

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Summit Music Hall was completely packed with people having a great time. As the bar-tending staff struggled to keep up with thirsty patrons the show roared ever so loud. Summit Music Hall really has it going on and that’s why they are one of my favorite venues to visit in Colorado.

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I of course went to see Lost Point and they got my vote! I have had the privilege of working with Lost Point on several occasions and they are a must see! I believe Lost Point has everything you need to make it in the national music scene. They have the talent ,  the dedication and truly amazing loyal fans. You had no choice but to notice this Sat night as the fans came rushing for autographs and pictures after another killer performance.

Another golden key of Lost Point  is their manager Amber Schaffer. She is the 6th member of the band for sure. Her hard work and dedication will soon payoff.

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The place was a riot all night long and anyone that attended this show was entertained to the fullest. In my opinion every band rocked the stage with impact. I am a pretty picky person and pay attention to small details of every show.I myself was over all impressed with the collaboration of this event. The event was well organized with great bands I give it a”9″.

Photos-Review By: Robert Podrasky

The show list

James And The Devil



Lost Point

Regret Night

Young Jay And Fame

I would like to thank Colorado Music Buzz & Summit Music Hall for allowing us to take part in this event


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