Breakfast at Paradise Cove

So I thought I would share a little tucked away secret for an affordable yet delicious little breakfast stop. If you are like me, always on the hunt for a great new place to have breakfast, this could be a hot spot for a morning treat. Paradise Cove is pretty well known for serving up quite the lunch and dinner, did you know about their great breakfast menu? I wasn’t to sure about going into a bar early in the morning to get my breakfast fix, but I am glad I took the chance. Simply one great menu without delay on total munch down. Several choices on affordable burritos and sandwiches with a great price on steak and eggs, only $695.

My lady had the light burrito that looked anything but light, as I mowed down on on the steak tebow-rito. A amazing smothered green chile burrito with tender cuts of juicy steaks dressed in eggs and potatoes wrapped in a grilled tortilla. The green chile was made just right with a little kick of spice that made my burrito dance in my mouth. Service was quick, friendly and the cook even came out to check if my meal was going down ok. Let me tell you breakfast hit the spot and they might be seeing a little more of me in the early morning hours. I highly recommend giving Paradise Cove a shot for breakfast.

Paradise Cove

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