3 Song Show Down @ Ecks Saloon















Bound by karma started off the showdown at Ecks Saloon Saturday night. I love it when bands take the show into the crowd, it adds a personal touch that bonds with fans. Dressing up the stage with props like skeletons and bloody dolls with knives really grabs your attention. Bound By Karma has excellent energy, great stage presence and a loud hard hitting sound.

Memory Down was second up and seem to be picking up the pace in the local music scene. The audience filled the dance floor as the American flag waved above their heads for the song solider. I must say that Memory Down can fill a venue and they have some amazing fans. Lets not forget the “Memory Down Girls” you ladies rock !!

Glass Delirium was third in the line up and as always played with intent. With colorful fast moving and dancing these guys are always busy on stage. They grab the attention of audience and hold it for the whole show. I look forward to seeing this bands future in the local music scene.

This was the 3rd showcase of round 1 of the best band in Denver competition. Sponsered By Ecks Saloon, KBPI and Cabo Wabo Tequila. All 3 of these bands deserve the chance to become the best band in Denver, I wish you all good luck in your ventures.

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